October 6, 2012

Photos of the Olde Lafayette Village Art Show

These are the photos of the completed product of the Sussex County Art Society art show that I chaired.  I want to give thanks to all of my committee heads for the show:  Valerie Magro & Jane Koeck for the Installation of Artwork

                       Martin Chapkosky for heading the Registration committee
                       Lois Lester and Eileen Levens for heading the Desk 

                       Diana Brindopke for heading the reception committee

                       Betty Crucy, Jessica Crucy and Rita Morgan for decorating

                       Al Champy for designing all of the advertising signs

                       Julia Feldman for calling the local papers and getting our ads in

                       Marie Zoeller for heading the clean up committee

                       Dick and Linda Wilson for bringing the art racks

After handling every aspect from writing ads, sitting at the desk, putting out road signs, reviewing registration forms, cleaning, opening and closing each day, handling mishaps, making phone calls and list went on.  I will be seeking a co-chair buddy next year and man I'm tired.

October 2, 2012

2012 Autumn Art Shows

Accepted in the Juried Show in Tewksbury, It is the 23rd Tewksbury Historical Society Art Show in Oldwick, New Jersey. The art show and sale start on October 3rd until October 7th. October 4th and 5th they are open from 10-8pm. There phone# is 908-832-6734. Invited to Hilltop Country Day School Art show and I will be exhibiting, the show dates are Friday, Reception 10/12/12 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Saturday 10/13/12, 10-5 pm and Sunday 10/14/12 11-3pm. There website is www.hilltopart.com. The art work on the website doesn't always reflect this years exhibit, some are samples of past art that has been displayed at Hilltop. I also just wrapped up an exhibit with the Sussex County Art Society that I chaired. Pictures to follow.