October 3, 2008

My Trip to Paris was too short, but I'm thankful that I could go..

Hi Everyone,
I hope you enjoy my website, www.PaintingsByLiza.com.

I am currently not in any shows at the present time because I will be enjoying marital bliss for awhile. Seriously there is a great amount of bliss and with that comes lots of hard work and I will be picking up my paint brush very soon.

I did have a chance to go to Paris for three days, it was short and sweet. If you get the chance go for a week, any time there is worthwhile. I saw the most breathtaking sunset from one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris, the Alexander. This is not the proper name but this is what I call it. Looking at this gave you the most incredible feeling, I have never experienced such joy from only looking at a sunset. We also visited the Louvre, what an incredible palace this was home of one of those Louis.